New way to place an order

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Dear customers!

Newly implemented opportunity on to add products to Cart from Excel file.

This option is useful for bulk buyers for its quick placing of big orders.

Excel icon leading to download page is located in upper right corner of the website near Cart icon.

To make order:

  1. Log in to User account.
  2. Click Excel icon.
  3. Fill in the file in 2 columns: Code and Quantity.

For example,

LR 003R


LR 005









Or use an example with the button Download a sample.
      4.Download the file on the computer with the button Select a file.

      5.Choose one of the following options:

  • Empty the cart before downloading
  • Change the quantity if the products is in the cart
  • Add the quantity if the product in the cart

      6.Click the button Place an order.

      7.Check your order (if necessary).

      8.Fill in the fields Forwarder, Comment.

      9.Click Send and wait for a manager’s call.

If there are some questions, contact us. We will gladly inform you!



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