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Відкриття нових можливостей для власників електричних та гібридних автомобілів

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    Відкриття нових можливостей для власників електричних та гібридних автомобілів
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    Excellent News for Electric and Hybrid Car Owners in Poland: High-Voltage Battery Service Now Available!

    We are pleased to announce that comprehensive diagnostic, repair, and sales services for high-voltage batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles are now available in Poland!

    Our services include:

    • High-voltage battery diagnostics (on-site or off-vehicle)
    • Battery regeneration
    • Battery balancing
    • Replacement of the battery with an equivalent from another manufacturer (Yabo)
    • Replacement of damaged battery elements
    • On-site battery replacement
    • Exchange fund: we replace a damaged battery with a refurbished one
    • Computer diagnostics and error code clearing

    STS specialists have over 4 years of experience in diagnosing, repairing, and servicing electric and hybrid vehicles. Our practical experience has been utilized in developing and manufacturing our high-voltage batteries and diagnostic equipment. You can expect expert assistance in resolving issues with your electric vehicle:

    • Engineers with a fourth-category qualification in electrical safety, enabling work with voltages up to 1000 V.
    • An in-house research and development center for custom solutions.
    • Unique testing and calibration stations for battery elements.
    • We have already assembled over 200 high-voltage batteries for our customers.
    • Collaboration with international battery manufacturers.
    • Warranty ranging from 6 to 12 months.

    We not only resolve electric vehicle issues but also undertake challenges others have stepped back from.

    Do you own an electric or hybrid car? Schedule an appointment for high-voltage battery diagnostics and repair at STS.